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Press Releases

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Speaking Engagements

“Welcome Remarks,” StartUp Tech Valley Season 5 Kick–off, September 2017  More

“The Legal Workshop,” REVEAL Summer Accelerator Program, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, June 2017  More

StartUp Tech Valley Event, April 2017  More

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“Business Incubator Association of New York State Annual Meeting Presentation JOBS Act – Legal Implications of Crowdfunding,” Phillips Lytle Venture Capital Law Update, June 2012  More

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Venture Capital

At Phillips Lytle, we know entrepreneurs need capital, investors need returns, and universities need markets for their technology. And we know all of these groups need sharp attorneys with the experience and connections to put together profitable deals. That’s where we can help. Through experience and relationships built over time, we know how entrepreneurs think and are able to identify the opportunities investors will consider worthwhile. Our Venture Capital Practice has the tools needed for success in this competitive field.

Phillips Lytle has been bringing entrepreneurs and investors together for more than 180 years. We’ve been working with bankers, investors and business people since before the days of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. We’ve grown alongside the technologies that have revolutionized the world, and have helped to bring great wealth to the entrepreneurs that harnessed them and to the investors whose capital enabled those technologies to be brought to market.

Today’s opportunities lie in genes, chips, atoms, alternative energy, green initiatives, and other new technologies and business models. Phillips Lytle works with startups, emerging growth companies, venture capital and private equity funds, educational institutions and corporate research departments. We bring these groups together through a practical and cost-effective approach that makes good business sense for all parties involved. Whether working for the inventor or the investor, our attorneys have the specialized knowledge and experience to ease the tension between entrepreneurs who want to protect their ventures, and stakeholders who want to protect their investments, by designing agreements that strike a balance between control and security. 

Our Venture Capital Team is comprised of multi-disciplinary attorneys who provide expertise in intellectual property, licensing, sales, distribution and other commercial arrangements, employment and executive compensation, credit arrangements, and mergers and acquisitions. Our attorneys also start with the end goal in mind, by counseling business owners on a variety of issues related to business succession planning, taxes, trusts and estate administration.

Collectively, the members of our team write and lecture extensively on the topics of venture capital and angel investing to national and local groups, as well as undergraduate and graduate student entrepreneurs.

Phillips Lytle is large enough to easily meet all of your organization’s business and corporate needs, yet able to still give you the personal attention you deserve. Our attorneys are experienced in venture capital funding, private placements, all types of private equity and venture structures. Our practice is particularly focused on technology company financing and associated merger and acquisition transactions. 

Identifying Investors

Good business ideas require funding in order to grow into good business ventures, but angel investors are looking for more than good ideas. They want a strong management team and a well thought-out business plan that reflects a strong understanding of market trends and needs. They also want a realistic exit strategy that will give them a reasonable time frame to collect a return on their investment. 

Phillips Lytle represents companies of all sizes, from startups to mature companies doing multi-million dollar financings. We guide these companies through the negotiation process so that they do not unnecessarily give away equity or control, nor discourage early stage investors by being unreasonably demanding. We advise entrepreneurs and startups on forming the best legal entities in light of their long-term goals. 

Emerging companies on their second or third round of financing may attract the eyes of venture capitalists or private equity funds. We advise these clients on the pros and cons of various debt and equity options in light of market conditions and their long-term goals, and help them negotiate the most favorable terms they can get from institutional investors.

Mature private companies may be ready for an initial public offering, merger or acquisition. The complexity of these arrangements, and fundamental changes they will bring about, require thorough consideration. Phillips Lytle leads its entrepreneurial clients through an extensive risk/reward analysis. 

Investor Guidance

Phillips Lytle’s Venture Capital attorneys advise investors and help them find companies in which to invest. We also counsel them on the business of investing. We negotiate terms on their behalf and vigorously protect their interests in the ventures that receive their money.

Investment risks are not limited to projected returns. Venture funds are businesses that face legal exposure, employment issues and stringent compliance standards. They also pay taxes and need advice on the consequences of various business practices and entity structures. Phillips Lytle offers a full array of business and corporate attorneys to advise institutional investors on all aspects of their operations, and we back that knowledge with a powerful team of trial attorneys and litigators, should the need arise to enforce our clients’ interests.

Intellectual Property and Patent Expertise

Our Intellectual Property and Patent expertise runs far and wide. Our attorneys have extensive experience in prosecuting domestic patent applications in virtually all technical disciplines, and they regularly file and prosecute foreign patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and European Patent Convention (EPC). We have strong working relationships with 191 international law firms in 79 countries. We also file and process domestic and foreign trademark applications, allowing us to economically and efficiently obtain worldwide protection for our clients. Our attorneys are members of various intellectual property trade associations, including the intellectual property sections of the New York State and American Bar Associations. 

Hebrew Description

Phillips Lytle LLP היא פירמה עורכי-דין המבוסס בכל מרכזי העסקים במדניות ניו-יורק שבארצות הברית וגם בקנדה. הפירמה ידועה במומחיות מימון חברות, מיזוגים ורכישות, ניירות ערך, ליטיגציה, עסקאות טכנולוגיה, מדעי החיים, וביו-טק, הגנה על קניין רוחני, נדל"ן, מיסוי ותחומים רבים אחרים. מערך משרדינו מאפשר לנו לספק תמיכה גלובלית למכלול השירותים המשפטיים להם זקוקים לקוחותינו הישראלים, כהשלמה לשירותי עורכי-הדין הישראלים, עמם אנו משתפים פעולה בתחומים שבמומחיותם. לקוחותינו פונות אל Phillips Lytle LLP בין היתר, עבור:

  • ייעוץ בנושאי מימון חברות, מיזוגים, ניירות ערך, רכישות ושיתופי פעולה אסטרטגיים, ומיסוי המשקף את הניסיון הרב ��צברנו בייצוג חברות טכנולוגיה, מדעי החיים, וביו-טק.
  • ייצוג בבתי משפט ובבוררויות מסחריות בכל הערכאות ברחבי ארצות הברית וברחבי העולם בנוגע לסכסוכים חוזיים, ניירות ערך, נדל"ן ,מיסוי, קניין רוחני, ועוד.
  • ניסוח הסכמי רישיון, רישום פטנטים וסימני מסחר ,ניהול הליכי התנגדות, ומתן ייעוץ אסטרטגי להגנה על קניין הרוחני בשווקים הגלובליים.
  • ייעוץ וייצוג בקשר להשקעות. לפירמה יש הסטוריה ארוכה של ייצוג יזמים, משקיעים, חברות הזנק וחברות מבוססות בקשת רחבה של תעשיות ההיי-טק, ביו-טק, מדעי החיים, וכיוצא באלה. במשרדינו עורכי-דין הדוברים עברית, והמודעים היטב לדמיון ולשוני בין מערכות המשפט והתרבות העסקית בישראל וארצות הברית. מראשית ימי הפירמה ועד היום, עורכי הדין שלנו עוסקים בייצוג של חברות כשניכנאסים לשוק האמריקאי בכל ההיבטים המשפטיים הכרוכים בביסוס נוכחותם בארצות הברית. לקבלת מידע נוסף על הפעילות הישראלית של הפירמה, אנא צרו קשר איתנו.

במשרדינו עורכי-דין הדוברים עברית, והמודעים היטב לדמיון ולשוני בין מערכות המשפט והתרבות העסקית בישראל וארצות הברית. מראשית ימי הפירמה ועד היום, עורכי הדין שלנו עוסקים בייצוג של חברות כשניכנאסים לשוק האמריקאי בכל ההיבטים המשפטיים הכרוכים בביסוס נוכחותם בארצות הברית. לקבלת מידע נוסף על הפעילות הישראלית של הפירמה, אנא צרו קשר איתנו.

Richard E. Honen

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