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Three Phillips Lytle LLP Paralegals Named to Leadership Roles with the Western New York Paralegal Association, Inc.  More

Paul F. Jones to Receive NYSBA Section Representative of the Year Award  More

Mark J. Moretti Serves on Faculty for New York State Bar Trial Academy  More

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“Top 10: What Texas Hold ’em can teach about litigation,” The Daily Record, February 2011  More

Eric M. Kraus Authors Chapter in Aspatore Books  More

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What our clients value about Phillips Lytle’s Litigation Group is our efficiency, creativity, aggressiveness and results. Our national practice covers all manner of business, personal injury and property-related disputes before state, federal and appellate courts, as well as administrative agencies and alternative dispute resolution forums.

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Appellate Appellate
Insurance Coverage Insurance Coverage
Business & Commercial Litigation Business Litigation
Personal Injury Litigation - General Tort Litigation Personal Injury Litigation - General Tort Litigation
Class Action Class Action
Personal Injury Litigation - Products Liability/Health Effects Personal Injury Litigation - Products Liability/Health Effects
Construction Litigation Construction Litigation
White Collar Criminal Defense & Government Investigations White Collar Criminal Defense & Government Investigations
Government Operations Government Operations

Our clients include financial services companies ranging in size from local savings and loans to some of the largest banks in the world; a Fortune 100 life sciences company that has designated us as one of an elite network of law firms; local, national and multinational retailers and manufacturers of a wide array of products; public utilities; and many other businesses and individuals that have benefited from the culture of excellence, value and innovation in dispute resolution that we have fostered over our nearly 180-year history.

Phillips Lytle’s size and case evaluation skills allow us to be innovative in our billing arrangements. We have been a leader in the use of alternative billing structures, and we may use mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution services as a more cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to traditional litigation.

Within the framework of our sophisticated Early Case Assessment (ECA) and budgeting systems, we communicate with our clients in a collaborative cost-benefit analysis, to assist them in resolving disputes in the most practical and efficient means possible. Rather than responding to litigation in a reflexive manner, an ECA systematically identifies a case-specific strategic plan at the outset of a dispute in a fashion that clients routinely apply to other significant challenges confronting their business. Ultimately, ECA focuses on resolving the business problem by realistically defining what constitutes a favorable resolution of the case.

Whether maximizing recovery or minimizing risk, we contribute to our clients’ profitability by managing the financial and managerial burdens during litigation through consultation, constant communication and excellent results. Our attorneys work hard to achieve these favorable results during prelitigation and pretrial phases. And in matters that reach the courtroom, our attorneys excel before judges and juries.

Phillips Lytle utilizes state-of-the-art electronic litigation support programs. Our capacity to store and organize data in digital and hard-copy formats, our extensive database of leading experts and their prior testimony and written opinions and publications, our database of state and federal case law throughout the nation on challenges to the validity of scientific expert testimony, and our expertise in countless hearings, trials and appellate arguments all give our clients a true advantage.

Some of our clients are sophisticated users of legal services throughout the country, and have complimented our ability to appropriately staff litigated matters for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. They contrast our methods with the tendency of other firms to overstaff or under-service cases. We have litigation attorneys in seven offices at a range of billing rates, and an equal number of supporting paralegals and staff, to achieve the right level of support on any case.

Our clients also appreciate the state-of-the-art virtual courtroom in our Buffalo office. This training room, which is equipped with video and computer equipment, is used for trial preparation and training our attorneys in courtroom techniques. It gives our attorneys and clients the confidence and mastery of information and techniques needed to gain the winning edge for our clients.